Are Your Packages Safe?

Protect Your Deliveries

Customize your Box Sentinel to meet your security requirements

Whether you need an electronic lock today or Want to add it tomorrow, it's up to you

Radiant Barrier lines all of Our Devices To keep your packages cooler

Wide Variety Of Color Options and Finishes / All Aluminum and Stainless Steel

Works great for Shipping Items Too

Which Model is Right for You?

Parcel Safe Inserts

Exterior Walls and Columns

The Box Sentinel Insert keeps your deliveries safe from pets, passersby and the outdoor elements. Choose this model for masonry finish and wall mount applications.


All inserts have a closed pan bottom. Letter slots are also available with this model, but the return mail feature is not. All electronic and mechanical locks are optional to meet your security needs. This extra-large parcel box may also be configured as a front door only device. All models are made in the USA of aluminum and stainless steel and are of top quality construction. Feel Free to connect as we're here to help!

Base Model Price $1695.00

Parcel Safe Pedestals

Country and Curbside

This Box Sentinel works the same as the Box Sentinel insert model, the only difference is the bottom. Our bracket bottom works best for anchoring this parcel safe to a concrete foundation where it will stand alone unelevated.


Minus the bottom, All the other features and options listed in the "Get Details" page below are the same as the insert model. Having separate listings ensures the most appropriate selection is made for your site's installation.

Base Model Price $1795.00


Full Service Mail and Parcel Safes

Estates and Curbside

This combination mail and parcel safe will protect your letter mail from identity theft, keep package deliveries out of the elements and out of sight from package pirates.


USPS delivers mail to a one-way letter slot above and all other carriers use the separate parcel compartment below. Access to the letter tray is secured by the rear door. This rear door can be secured with either a mechanical lever latch or an electronic lock. The video above illustrates both, and either or will make this a secure locking mailbox. The top of the mailbox featured in this video has our contemporary top, a straight-sided top not featured is best suited for masonry finishes. All Mailbox tops meet all USPS design specifications. Ask an expert for installation details.

Base Model Price: $2,495